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Why King David Coffee Roasters? Compare us to the rest!

Sam - owner and master roaster

Feature Kind David Theirs
Weight 16 oz., One Full Pound 12 - 16 oz.
Roasting Hand Roasted Batch Roasted
Beans Top 6% of the crop Unknown quality
Price Wholesale to the public
From $10.99 per pound
Typical Price
Between $12 - $17

There is almost no way to describe the difference between the coffee we drink on a daily basis and King David’s fresh roasted coffee. It is the difference between wine from a box and the very best French Burgundy. It is the difference between a Hershey’s Kiss and a Godiva truffle. It is the difference between taking the bus and flying first class. - The Hippo Press

Choose from the following 1 pound coffee’s

Costa Rica Celebes Roast Coffee

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King David Coffee Roasters

Costa Rica 
Celebes Kalossi

only $10.99


only $12.99


Papua New Guinea

Guatemala Fraijane Guatemala Fraijane Colombis Huila
NEW! Organic 
Papua New Guinea
Guatemala Combi La Gloria Coffee Tanzania Peaberry Coffee Colombian Huila
Estate Coffee

only $10.99

Sorry, out of stock. Sorry, out of stock.

only $10.99


Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Guatemala  Decaf Java Jampit  
Espresso Blend
Sumatra Mandheling Coffee  Colombia
Decaf Coffee
Java Jampit
Espresso Blend 

only $12.99


only $11.99


only $12.99


only $12.99

Organic Fair Trade Peru Coclai Coffee
Costa Rica Decaf Swiss Water Process Kabbalah blend Coffee

Kabbalah Blend Coffee

Enlighten your soul and lift your spirit with this wonderful Kabbalah blend. Rich and smooth flavor will heighten your awareness to a whole new level.
Organic Fair Trade Peru Coclai Coffee Chemical Free Swiss Water Process Costa 
Rica Decaf Coffee

only $11.99

Sorry, out of stock.

only $12.99




George Russell Signature Roast Fog Lifter - 12oz.

george russell signature roast fog lifter coffeeThis is a signature roast I created for WSMN 1590 morning personality George Russell. It's a medium roast, medium bodied coffee called Fog Lifter, a brew that will clear your morning fog and get your day started. Available as Whole Bean or Drip.

Our Price: $9.99 for 12oz.


Fog Lifter Coffee
$9.99 - 120z.

Fog Lifter Coffee


Organic and Direct Trade Haitian Bleu - 12oz.

Organic and Direct Trade Haitian Bleu is truly one of the exotic coffees in the world.  Similar to Jamaica coffee, with berry and red wine notes, the flavor and smoothness will transport your mind directly to a Caribbean beach.  Direct trade rewards farmers for quality.  They earn nearly 3 times the price of Fair Trade.  This is a micro lot coffee, meaning there is not an abundant supply but we have a direct source without a broker involved.  Try some today at a bargain price of $14.95 for a 12 ounce bag.  This is a steal for such an exotic coffee.

Our Price: $14.95 for 12oz.


Limited Supply
Haitian Bleu Coffee
$14.95 - 12oz.

Organic and Direct Trade Haitian Bleu

Sorry, Out of Stock.
 Treat yourself and try some today.  
You'll love it!
Sam Brest, Phone 603-577-8899 

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One of our customers recycles our burlap coffee bags into these beautiful items.
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Coffee bage reused    Coffee bag reused 

Coffee bag reused