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About Our Coffee Roasting Process

King David Coffee Roasters, located in historic Nashua, New Hampshire is in a 100 year old mill building at the confluence of the Nashua and Merrimack rivers. Our roast master has been roasting specialty coffee beans (the top 6% of the coffee crop) since 2000.

We genuinely hand roast our coffee using a traditional style drum roaster with a 1 to 30 pound small batch capacity. This is true artisan roasting giving you, our valued customer the finest fresh roasted coffee available.

Only Specialty Coffee Beans

At King David Coffee Roasters, we roast only specialty coffee beans. Specialty coffee is a particular designation among coffee beans of artisan beans, specially cared for as they are grown. The rarity of these specialty coffee beans requires searching for perfect coffee beans in places like Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Hawaii and Africa. Specialty coffee beans usually come from small farms of only 3 to 5 acres.

All our coffee comes to us rawWe buy all our beans raw in 60 to 70 kilo bags. The bean itself is actually the seed of a coffee cherry. At King David’s, we roast the coffee beans individually by variety. We never blend beans as a cost saving measure or to try and change the single origin taste profile as it tends to muddy the taste. Why should we pay a premium price for our single origin beans and then mess with them?

We roast our coffees light, medium and dark depending on the specific origin. Light and medium coffee roasts tend to allow more of the distinct flavors of the coffee bean to come through, whereas dark roasts bring out the oil and carmelization effects in the coffee bean and a stronger more full bodied flavor.
Specialty coffee beans from Africa, Indonesia, Central America and Hawaii all have distinct tastes. Not only does King David source coffee from around the world, but even specific regions of countries.

Coffee beans from Costa Rica, for example specifically from the Tarrazu region, is the highest altitude region, producing a dense bean which can stand up to a variety of roasting styles and is considered by many to be the best of the seven coffee growing regions in Costa Rica.

Our roaster at King David CoffeeOur roaster can roast between 1 and 30 pounds of coffee beans at a time. A sensitive computer helps to control the temperature of the bean and various features of the roasting machine allows the roaster to check the coffee beans for color, temperature and coffee bean development. After the beans are roasted, we package the beans whole or grind them. Our specialty coffee then goes into either a very high quality bag that is heat sealed with a one-way valve that lets the air go out but not come in and allows the coffee to be packaged immediately while still warm or our new biodegradable bag, Most of our bags also feature a re-sealable zip lock or tin tie.

Whether you enjoy a light, medium or dark roast, King David Coffee Roasters has the specialty coffee beans for you. 
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